Bookkeeping Services

Receipts Price Price / Extra Receipt
1-15 units 28,90€ 2,55€
30 units 52€ 2,08€
50 units 80,90€ 1,62€
100 units 149,10€ 1,39€
200 units 254,10€ 1,28€
300 units 335€ 1,16€
400 units 415,80€ 1,11€
Note: VAT not included in pricing.

Financial Statements and Tax Returns:

Company Type Financial Statement Tax Return
Tmi 162€ 122€
Oy 255€ 208€
Ky / Ay 208€ 162€
As Oy / Ry 231€ 191€
Corporation €***
Note: VAT not included in pricing.
*** Financial statement for corporation's parent company is 1,5 times the business entity price.

Other Services:

Service Price
Payroll / Person 9,25€
Changes to tax card information / Person 3,50€
Annual Tax Filing 69,30€
Billing / Unit 2,35€
E-invoicing / Unit 7,40€
Billing + Mail / Unit 3,50€
Paying invoices from customers account 1,35€
A binder used to file customers papers pc 3,50€
Storage for old binders from previous financial years / year / pc 9,25€
Separate authority notifications ect, licensed rights 15,80€
Making different certificates (For example salary certificates) 5,30€
Tax prepayment calculation and notification to the Tax Administration 21,00€
Urgency debit. Includes jobs of which responce time is less than 24 hours, for example urgent salary payments. This will be discussed with the customer each time. 52,50€
Hourly fee. If we have to do some extra work outside of normal accounting or if the accounting exceeds 400 receipts per month. 63,60€
For special information and making possible reports/statements/nofitication that take time and research (for example nofitication of changes for companies) we charge an hourly fee 63,60€ + tax 24%. This will be discussed with the customer in advance each time. 63,60€
Payment Term 7 days net, default interest 13%, Note expences 10,00€
Changes to invoice due date 5,00€
Note: VAT not included in pricing.

What's Included?

  • Fetching data and free postage.
  • Sorting of material.
  • Receipt entries.
  • VAT calculations.
  • Monitoring of accounts ledger.
  • Sending VAT ads.
  • Income statements and balance sheets.
  • Printing of accounts ledger.
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Invoicing period:
Invoicing period is based on company's VAT filing period. Therefore invoicing period can be one a month, four times a year or once a year.

Definition of receipt:
A receipt is a company's bank account transaction ( payment, deposit, cash withdrawal ) or an invoice or shop receipt that has been paid from some other company's account.

Therefore, the price of accounting is based on each bank account transaction and the documents related to them, as well as all other invoices / receipts.